Corporate entrepreneurship

creation, assessment and development of internal teams
The program is a combination of behavioral and product approaches. We know that technical knowledge of product development alone is not enough for a team. The behavioral approach helps to change the established patterns of behavior, strengthening the
entrepreneurial skills of the team expected performance? Can't decide if you need to continue investing in the team?
Effectiveness assessment
Assessment of the use of competencies by a team, retrospective analysis, analysis of problem-solution fit / solution market fit points allows you to focus resources on weak points or growth points in order to get a result as soon as possible
Product teams tracking
Application of acceleration tools allows to achieve the results in sales faster. The team is spending the budget, but there is no result? Is the implementation of the new product falling short of the
How it works?
Studies say that successful entrepreneurs from different countries of the world, developing in different social and cultural environments, having different education, believe that the reason for their success is behavioral models not external factors like money, knowledge, etc.

The behavioral models of successful entrepreneurs are the same. Successful entrepreneurs apply and master them habitually.Â

We can form and train habits.

What is the essence of the program?

The program helps to develop entrepreneurial models of behavior, through understanding and deliberate practice of them to the level of habit. Employees will be able to learn to develop the behavioral models of entrepreneurs.
What do the employees need it?
It helps the participants find new opportunities and regularly come up with initiatives for the development and implementation of innovations in the company, not to be afraid of mistakes, but draw conclusions from the mistakes made and minimize their cost. Do not be afraid to act in conditions of uncertainty, quickly and with minimal investment, put and test hypotheses for scaling the product and bringing it to market.
What do the companies need it?
This helps the company by the emergence of a large number of ideas from scratch, which employees do not just sketch, but are not afraid and know how to formulate in the form of a measurable hypothesis, test with minimal resources and draw conclusions. This enables a continuous stream of small innovations to work every day. Innovations that are born in taking care of the client and in contact with him.


Selection for the program
(20-30 people)
Conducting interviews with participants and diagnosing the current state of use of behavioral models (60 minutes per person)
Educational intensive laboratory (6 days)
(or 3 weeks - 3 days + 2 days + 2 days) which includes:

✔more than 60 hours of classroom work;
✔field work;
✔additional work to develop p2p growth skills within the community;
✔experiments within the framework of the created "Growth Laboratory".
Project defense
Tracking (up to 3 months)
Maintenance of changes, training in project tracking tools (optionally following the results of the program)
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