Programs in the regions of the Russian Federation
for centers "My Business" and organizations

Programs are accredited by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
We create comprehensive educational and acceleration programs, the result of which is confirmed by entrepreneurs and is measured not only in the growth of business performance indicators of the participants, but also in the creation of new jobs in the regions.

ISLA independently carries out the recruitment of participants.
Methodology of holding entrepreneurship lessons.
Technological and social entrepreneurship development programs, project work development and commercialization Mentoring School.
Entering new markets from exploring opportunities to finding clients and exporting contracts.
We transfer global international experience and knowledge that has been proven to be effective and used by entrepreneurs around the world.
Acceleration program for the development of entrepreneurial behavior.
An intensive educational program aimed at accelerating the development of the participants' business through different features:
● Training in the use of modern product development tools

● Changing the behavioral patterns of participants

● Working with a mentor-tracker

How it works?
Studies say that successful entrepreneurs from different countries of the world, developing in different social and cultural environments, having different education, believe that the reason for their success is behavioral models not external factors like money, knowledge, etc.

The behavioral models of successful entrepreneurs are the same. Successful entrepreneurs apply and master them habitually.

We can form and train habits.

Training for trackers and participants

The program helps to develop entrepreneurial behavior patterns through understanding and deliberate practice of them to the level of habit

Why is the program useful?
Entrepreneurs - tracking internal teams and successfully launching new products.
Investors - fast diagnostics of constraints and team development.
Top managers of corporations - building a product and achieving planned growth indicators
For specialists of consulting companies and agencies - building a trajectory of multiple growth of the consulting, tracked projects.
Small business owners to quickly test hypotheses and set up experiments in the conditions of the laboratory of multiple growth created in the program
Experienced entrepreneurs to develop new behaviors that drive product development around the customer
Aspiring Entrepreneurs to develop an understanding of the key steps and draw up a project development plan with a mentor, tracker and experts.

We combined personal growth training with the world's best business practices


The accelerator is based on a unique training for personal growth and development. It is impossible to be a successful entrepreneur without internal values and principles that directly affect motivation and attitude.

We give entrepreneurs universal basic tools for starting and developing their business, as well as testing hypotheses in the shortest possible time.

We create infrastructure for the further development of the business community

We train on the spot and give all the tools for creating an institute of trackers
We create an innovative ecosystem in the regions
We create a global infrastructure
For networking and development of the business community in regions and corporations
We unite entrepreneurs
Into a single all-russian community of strong, successful, highly motivated entrepreneurs who are ready to change the world for the better

About us
Publications about ISLA programs

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